What We Do :

Total Patient Care

We mainly use the holistic approach to the care of our Patients, meaning: It’s a way of Thinking and Doing with and for the Patient. We see The Patient as a whole human being that need our Physical hands on approach and emotional care.

Observation of Blood Pressure

Taking and monitoring of the patient Blood Pressure, and Temperature of the Patient on a daily basis if need be.
The BP will also be strictly charted so the patient can the chart with them when they go and see their physician again, that way he will have a clear picture of the patient observation history.


Temperature Intake / Output

We closely monitor how much and what the patient drink and eat on a daily basis as well as the urine and bowl movements of the Patient in order to ensure the patient is sufficiently hydrated and have healthy, nutritional meals on a daily basis.

Diabetes Management

We assist the patient with diabetes to implement and maintain a healthy diet as prescribed by their dietitian as well as test and register the patient glucose levels with their own glucose-monitor on a daily basis.


General and Personal Hygiene

We assist the patient with their daily bath/shower and general overall hygiene, as well as mouth and dental care. Catheter care should a patient have a catheter inserted.

Washing and styling of the patient hair, and in cases where the patient is bed-bound we do a full, daily bed wash with the patient. General patient grooming and caring of the patient nails and feet.

Preparation of Foods and Feeding

We cook and prepare the patients breakfast, lunch and supper meals if needed, and see to it that, if the patient have special dietary requirements, it is strictly followed, for example that in case of a patient with diabetes who are not allowed sugar and refined white starches, we will implement alternatives.

General Companion

We / My Nurses / Carers do much more than just taking care of the patient physical needs. We are and have been there for them and their families in the times when its going well and also in the difficult times.

We laugh and cry with our patients, and allot of times we are also their confident and shoulder to cry on. We play cards with them, read the newspaper or their favorite book for them when their eyes are struggling. and can’t focus so well anymore

Household Duties

The Nurse / Carer are allowed to perform certain household tasks which will be discussed and explained with all the relevant parties involved on implementing of service.


We assist the patient in their daily physio routines specially with post -operative patients who had undergone knee or hip replacements, Fusion back surgery as well as bedridden or wheelchair bound patients.

We also believe in assisting and taking our patients for short daily/morning/afternoon walks in order to keep the patient healthy and active if they are still able to walk, or we can also take them for a stroll around in their wheel chair. We also transfer patients from the bed to the chair/wheelchair or commode.

Wound Care

The Nurse / Care will assist in basic wound care, but should the patient need more advanced wound care, we work in association with a specialized wound care practitioner in order to ensure the best and fasted measure of the wound healing.


Post-Surgical or Post Hospital Rehabilitation

We assist patients after major surgery or long term hospitalization to slowly get back on their feet and to their normal self with post operative physio therapy and a Slow, hollysitc healing and caring approach.

Our mission is to get you back on your feet and as strong and active as soon as possible with assisting and help with your physio exercises as well as various other tasks.


Tube Feeding

Tube feeding is sometimes needed in patients who have ongoing serious trouble in swallowing and i who not getting enough nutrition and liquids in via the mouth. It’s called Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy i.e.: PEG TUBE feeding.

Our nurses are trained and have experience in PEG Tube feeding and is administrated in a strictly charted intake output capacity and is administrated as sterilized as possible.